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Cleaning agents

Boll & Kirch offers various effective and extremely economical solutions for the filtration of cleaning agents with the following filter types:


Filter type nominal diameters material
Type 6.64  DN 100 - DN 400 nodular cast iron,
nodular cast iron nickel-plated inside
Filter type nominal diameters material switch-over
Type BFD DN 25 - DN 150 nodular cast iron, 
cast stainless steel (DN 25 and 50)
ball valve
Type BFD-P DN 20 - DN 150 carbon steel, stainless steel; non-welded ball valve


Economical operation and conservation of expensive coolants used in the machine tool industry requires high quality of filtration. Correct maintenance and care of the coolant in central supply and dedicated supply systems has a direct influence on the service life of the coolant and on production costs.

To achieve optimum results, filters must:
  ensure through their precision that the fluid to be treated is cleaned to a defined degree,
  guarantee through their reliability the uninterrupted and trouble-free operating of the complete plant and
  contribute to keeping operating costs low through minimum maintenance and long service life

BOLLFILTERs can be integrated as components into all the usual plant configurations without problems like e.g.
Cold forming
CNC processing


We will be glad to provide you with technical advice to ensure selection of the right product for your particular application.
For questions please send us an e-mail or call us and ask for "filtration of cleaning agents VKT".