Hardly any other industry demands as high a level of cleanliness of components as the automotive industry does. Engines, transmissions or other products in the automotive industry have to be cleaned before final assembly to be cleared from chips, swarf, oils or debris. Meanwhile cost pressure is increasing. Thus the challenge for the automotive sector and its suppliers is to make maximum use of optimisation potential for the cleaning of parts.

Part washers: Filtration of alkaline solutions

BOLL & KIRCH understands the specific washing process in the automotive industry and improve the washing performance with automatic filtration solutions. This achieves lasting spray nozzle protection and a reduction in the overall degree of contamination in the washer. The increased life of the cleaning bath is the result of the improved conditions.

BOLLFILTER Automatic filters can be integrated into part washers of practically any type. Either as an upgrade to your existing machine or as part of a new one – our flexible filtration solutions will meet your requirements while minimizing your on-going costs.

BOLLFILTER benefits:

  • Defined filtration quality
  • Increase in the life of the cleaning bath
  • Minimisation of operating costs
  • Reduction of maintenance costs with a simultaneous increase in productivity
  • Reduction in particle carryover

BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.64 for part washers

Motorblock cleaning robotic system equiped with KSS BOLLFILTER automatic Type 6.64

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BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.64
Wide range of purposes ▶ filtering diesel engine lubricants ✓ filtering fuels ✓ filtering coolants in machining plants and transfer lines ✓ Find out more!

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