Maritime filtration: lube oil system for four-stroke engines

The system transports lube oil from the main tank to the engine. The system consists primarily of the supply pumps (redundant), pump protection filters, an automatic filter with a defined filtration rate, and a lube oil treatment system (optional).

The lube oil is transported via the supply pumps, screened by the pump protection filters, through the automatic filter (fine filtration). The duplex filter mounted directly in front of the engine (optional) serves as a final safety filter.

BOLLFILTER as pump protection

The pump protection filters, which are equipped with a coarse filter element, are located on the suction side  of the supply pumps and protect the redundant pumps in order to guarantee a secure supply of lube oil.

BOLLFILTER as protection for four-stroke engines

The automatic backflushing filter type 6.48 is a continuous backflushing filter.
This type of filter can be mounted on the engine and operates in horizontal and vertical configuration. The 6.48 filter features an internal fail-safe function with a second filtration stage in order to ensure at all times the supply of filtered lube oil to the engine.

The duplex filter can also be installed optionally as an indicator directly in front of the engine if the automatic 6.48 filter is not mounted directly on the engine.

Your benefits:

  • Space-saving design
  • Easy to install and retrofit
  • Precise degree of filtration
  • Reduced risk of engine failure
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Extended service life of engine components
  • Increased efficiency of the entire system


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BOLLFILTER Simplex Type 1.12.2

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