Water Applications

Make use of our expertise in complex filtration processes and increase the efficiency of your specific application process!
Our ensure efficient system protection and a significant reduction in running costs.

Protection of the heat exchanger ✓ Minimisation of operating & maintenace costs with a simultaneous increase in productivity ✓ Less in particle carryover ✓                    BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18 ✓ Innovative water treatment and filtration system to provide high quality water ✓ Guaranted water flow from collection to emitters

HVAC                                                                                                           Irrigation             


Ballast water filter ✓ precise degree of separation ✓ eliminate blockages of the filter mesh, despite high load of the ballast water ✓ aquaBoll® ✓                   Best possible nozzle protection for scrubbers ✓ Guaranteed protection for water treatment systems ✓ aquaBoll® ✓                      aquaBoll® ✓ seawater is filtered with great efficiency to protect high-performance heat exchangers and the various nozzles used during cooling processes ✓

Maritime Filtration - Ballast Water ​​​​                                     Maritime Filtration - Exhaust Scrubber                                       Maritime Filtration - FSRU




Maritime Filtration - Injection Water                                      Maritime Filtration - Reverse Osmosis                                          Maritime Filtration - Wellboats




           Power Plant - Hydro Power                                            Power Plant - Offshore Windparks                                         Power Plant - Steam Turbine




                  Pulp & Paper                                                                      Sewage Treatment                                                                     Snow producton




                 Steel Making                                                                        Water Treatment