Exhaust gas cleaning systems

In order to comply with emission standards, the sulphur dioxide content of exhaust gases in ship propulsion systems is, by default, reduced using a wet scrubber. Saline water is sprayed into the gas scrubber by means of nozzles and enters a chemical reaction with the sulphur dioxide contained
in the gas, thereby neutralising it. This saline water is supplied directly from the ocean or, in the case of fresh water, is generated by adding sodium
hydroxide (i.e. caustic soda). In both cases, permanent nozzle protection is required to continue the exhaust gas cleaning process.

Protection of exhaust gas scrubber nozzles with BOLLFILTER 

To this aim, BOLLFILTER efficiently removes organic and inorganic particles from the input medium while also ensuring fully automated filtration of the waste water generated during this process.

Our Expertise

  • Best possible nozzle protection for scrubbers
  • Guaranteed protection for water treatment systems


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