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Commercial Apprenticeship

Industrial clerk

Industrial clerks attend to all business-related areas and pass through almost all departments in our administration. Find out more

Technical Apprenticeship

Industrial Mechanic

Industrial mechanics adjust production facilities and devices, adapting or converting them. They oversee and optimise manufacturing processes and undertake repair and maintenance tasks. Find out more

Metal-cutting Mechanic

Metal-cutting mechanics manufacture precision components with the help of cutting procedures such as lathing, milling, drilling or sanding. Generally, the mechanics work with CNC tool machines, they adapt them and oversee the manufacturing process. Find out more

Construction Mechanic

Construction mechanics manufacture steel and brass constructions. With the help of manual and machine procedures individual parts made of steel, profiles and pipes are finished and mounted. Find out more

Technical Product Designer

Technical product designers support engineers in the development of technical products. They design, construct and model the individual parts of the product with the help of special computer programs. Find out more

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