Corporate culture

Our corporate culture at BOLL & KIRCH is formed by four values, which influence how the company thinks and acts:

"Nothing GREAT was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

Enthusiasm: our employees distinguish themselves through their motivation and passion. Each individual department achieves its contribution to the success of Boll & Kirch Filterbau GmbH with fervour and enthusiasm.

"Appreciation is a sign of self-awareness and awareness of others." 

Appreciation: BOLL & KIRCH places great importance on a respectful approach to people. However, it is not just about mutual respect; it is also the interest, awareness and friendliness shown to other people that are of great importance.

"Integrity is not just a philosophy - integrity is hard work."

Integrity: integrity is determined through conscientious and exemplary behaviour in the work place. Each employee is inspired to participate positively in the work environment.

"Discipline is our bridge between goal and skill."

Discipline: controlled and responsible behaviour of all employees is a crucial factor in company success. Self-management and transferable skills are enormously important at a global level.