Environmental standards

A) Environmental responsibility
Companies have to support a precautionary approach to environmental
challenges, undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental
responsibility and encourage the development and diffusion of
environmentally friendly technologies.

B) Environmental performance of business operations
All stages of manufacturing have to provide optimal environmental protection.
This includes proactive behaviour to prevent or minimise the impact of
accidents which may adversely affect the environment. Particular emphasis is
given to the application and continuing development of technologies which save
energy and water, and which are characterized by minimal emission controls,
reuse and recycling strategies.

C) Environmental performance of products
All products which are manufactured within the supply chain are requested to
meet the environmental standards in the respective market segment. This
includes all applied materials and substances. Chemical and other materials
posing a hazard if released to the environment are to be identified and
managed to ensure their safe handling, movement, storage, recycling or reuse
and disposal.


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