Automaticriver water filtration for protection of the Turbine cooling system

in Schwarzach storage power station

The Hy dro-Electric Power Station lies on the Salzbach riverbank south-west of the town of Schwarzach in Salzburg. In the turbine hall stand four Francis spiral turbine units, each one with nominal power output of 34,400 kW.

The numerous turbine cooling systems are supplied with river water from the Salzbach. During flood conditions the proportion of suspended particles and glacial sediment increases dramatically in water supply. The filter systems originally installed were not able to deal with these conditions being too maintenance-intensive and not adequately protecting the turbine cooling systems.

precisely dimensioned to the special operating conditions of the plant was it possible to achieve the safe, low-maintenance and optimum operation of the turbine cooling system in the power station Schwarzach. The Automatic BOLLFILTER Type 6.18.2 HD installed there is able to cope with the operating fluctuations of flow, pressure and dirt-load primarily because the Heavy Duty (HD) construction, super-efficient backflush technology and precision engineered filter element technology are designed for this purpose.

Franz Harlander, the responsible foreman at the power plant Schwarzach, confirms: “This filter type has been in operation for some time to our complete satisfaction and with a manageable maintenance effort.“

Clients / Users
  • VERBUND Hydro Power AG
Contractors / Operators
  • VERBUND Hydro Power AG
Systems in use
  • BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18.2 HD DN 350