at British Sugar Factory

BOLLFILTERs have been installed at the British Sugar factory in Wissington as Check Filters, protecting product quality in the event of factory failure.

Three Duplex Manual filters have been fitted downstream from the main process pre-coat filters, preventing contamination of sugar syrups and condensates if the main upstream factory should fail. In the event of an overflow, failure or breakage in the main filtration system, the BOLLFILTERs will ensure product quality is maintained.

Manufactured from stainless steel throughout, with ball changeover valves to ensure a 100% safe seal, the BOLLFILTERs provide fine filtration to 10 microns.

BOLLFILTERs Duplex are designed for long life performance and minimal maintenance, with few moving parts requiring service or repair.

Clients / Users
  • British Sugar
Systems in use
  • BOLLFILTER Duplex Type 2.58.2
  • BOLLFILTER Duplex Type 2.58.2
  • BOLLFILTER Duplex Type 2.93.2
  • BOLLFILTER Duplex Type 2.93.2