Vertical Farming


Vertical farming uses indoor farming techniques and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) technology to achieve energy and resource efficient food production. The controlled use of environmental factors like water play a major role in this.

Our customer's focus on growing leafy greens necessitates maintaining stringent standards for water purity.

Effective management of environmental elements, such as water, is crucial for the success of vertical farming. The prudent utilization of these factors can significantly impact crop growth and yield in a positive way. Therefore, it's imperative to implement proper control measures that ensure optimal conditions are maintained throughout the growing process. 

Description of the solution:

The company XXX uses five aquaBoll 600 12" filters, each equipped with fine sieve elements of 25 microns. These robust filters play a crucial role in ensuring that the nutrient water entering the vertical farming setup is of high quality. They are designed to handle heavy loads efficiently and flush every 120 minutes without fail.

Advantages and added value for the customer:

By incorporating aquaBoll fine sieve at 40 PSI AND 1,000 GPM into its farm production process, XXX achieves following optimal results:

  • The energy costs were significantly reduced
  • The water loss was minimized
  • The productivity levels enhanced

With such consistent performance from our top-notch filtraton technology, it won't be long before the customer can adjust self-cleaning cycles once every four hours (240 minutes). This will further save precious water in an already highly efficient farming system!