Our Test Facilities

We test new designs again and again, using strict procedures in laboratory experiments and simulations on test benches, before the products are ready for the market. Selected suppliers are also involved in the development of innovative solutions.

Analysis with the help of following test facilities

  • Oil testing facility for oil volume 14 m³, with a maximum through-flow of 400 m³/h, Mobilgard 312, tempered at 60 ºC, normalised contamination with ISO test dust, pressure range 0-16 bar, online measurement of pressure, volume flow, particle distribution, etc.
  • Water testing facility for water volume 4 m³, maximum through-flow 130 m³/h, pressure range 0-6 bar, defined contamination, online pressure measurement, volume flow, particle distribution, etc.
  • Continuous load testing facility for filter elements
  • Gas filter testing facility, determination of aerosol separation particle sizes, pressure losses, separation efficiency, measurements under pressure up to 6 bar
  • Multi Pass testing facility according to ISO 16889
  • Bubble Point testing facility according to ISO 2942
  • Diaphragm testing facility
  • Seawater tests at the testing facilities of various institutes