Continuous seawater desalination through permanent plant protection. Adobe Stock

Seawater filtration in desalination processes to protect reverse osmosis systems

Continuous seawater desalination through permanent plant protection - an operating condition effectively guaranteed by automatic filters like the aquaBoll®. As pre-filters for ultra filtration and reverse osmosis, our self-cleaning filtration solutions reliably remove impurities from the seawater and enable efficient continuous operation of the membrane systems downstream in the process in the system.

The guaranteed filtration quality of our automatic filters ensures at all times sustainably the overall plant performance of the desalination process.

Benefits of the BOLLFILTERs

Compared to conventional filtration solutions for the protection of desalination plants, automatic filters from BOLL & KIRCH offer innovative solutions and a number of advantages:

• optimised space requirements and minimal operating costs
• extended membrane and system service life
• Foulex coating minimises maintenance costs

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