BOLLFILTER as pre-filter and protection of the reverse osmosis System ✓  The aquaBoll® or the BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18 protect membranes ✓ BOLL & KIRCH

Filtration and protection of the ship reverse osmosis system

Reverse osmosis on board

Water desalination is the process of turning undrinkable seawater into fresh water by removing salt and other minerals.

In a large cruise vessel, with for example over 5,000 people on board including passengers and crew, 5 restaurants, 20 bars etc. the fresh water consumption is around 1,500,000 liters per day and seawater desalination clearly becomes a necessity. Fresh water can, of course, be tanked in port but, depending on ship size and travelling time, it also must be constantly produced on board to ensure independence and convenience.



How the filtration works

As water makers can only be used with cleaned sea water, the raw water is first passed through prefilters like the aquaBoll®, which eliminates suspended solids from the feed water. The water is then forced through reverse osmosis membranes, which remove salt and other minerals. While waste water or brine is released overboard, the fresh water is stocked in water tanks or is directly used.

BOLLFILTER as pre-filter and protection of the reverse osmosis system:

RO-membranes are expensive and delicate. The aquaBoll® protects membranes by retaining algae and other microorganisms. Selfcleaning BOLLFILTERs can be adapted to reverse osmosis systems between 20 m³/24h and 1200 m³/24hr.

Automatic filters are an alternative to sand filters and bring the following benefits:

  • Footprint and weight reduction compared to media pre-filters
  • Precise filtration grade
  • Low maintenance and long lifetime as the filters are self cleaning
  • Easy waste management: Brine released over board. No need to dispose heavy media at the harbour


John Case, CEO of Case Marine, Inc. places his trust in the key advantages of our automatic filters to protect fresh water generation systems. Compared to the solids filters typically in use, the smaller installation footprint and lower weight – which is reduced by up to 80% – play an important role. The fully automated backflushing technology ensures continuous system protection.

The mechanical filtration method enables precise filtration quality and minimal maintenance efforts. In addition, the incredibly short time it takes for a basic cleaning in case of heavy soiling and without needing to remove system components is also of crucial importance to Case Marine.


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