Ballast Water Filter aquaBoll® with adaptive filter elements

Flange Connection

DN 50 to DN 400 / 2" to 16"
Filter element
Fine sieve cylinder element, Filter candle element
Grade of filtration
10 µm - 5 mm
Backflushing medium
internal medium
Pressure stage
PN 10, PN 16
Filter housing
Nodular cast iron, Carbon steel rubber lined

Adaptive filter elements:

Depending on the required filtration efficiency and degree of contamination of the water or sea water, you are flexibel to chose between filter candles or fine sieve cylinders.
Ballast Water Filter aquaBoll® with adaptive filter elements

Ballast water filter aquaBoll® 

The aquaBoll® is an automatic self-cleaning pre-filter for ballast water management systems. The aquaBoll® removes organic particles and sediments from ballast water and serves as a solid protection of the ballast water system. The compact automatic filter is embedded in the system between the coarse filters and the chemical or physical disinfection unit.

The adaptative filter elements either of candles or of fine sieve cylinders are able to reach the defined precise degree of filtration down to 10 µm. The aquaBoll® is sea water resistant and available either as cast iron or carbon steel rubber line version. Its multi-part housing construction enables a flexible positioning of the connections and an easy maintenance.

Advantages of the ballast water filter aquaBoll®

  • Multi-part housing construction
  • Flexibel positioning of connection flanges
  • Sea water resistant material
  • Precise degree of filtration
  • Easy installation, operation and maintenance
  • Minimal operating cost



    Individual platform concept ✓ Minimal operating costs ✓ Adaptive filtration configurations ✓ Multi-part housing construction ✓ Various housing materials ▶ Find out more!

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