BOLL FILTRATOR Type 8.64/8.72 Fine filtration for low pressure systems

Flange Connection
DN 65 - DN 150 / 2 ½" - 6"
Filter element
screw-in candles with star-pleated stainless-steel wire mesh
Grade of filtration
6 µm absolute, 10 µm absolute
Pressure stage
PN 16
Filter housing
nodular cast iron
BOLL FILTRATOR Type 8.64/8.72 Fine filtration for low pressure systems

The BOLL FILTRATOR effectively removes cat fines from HFO MDO and fuel oils 

The BOLL FILTRATOR Type 8.64/8.72 is particularly suitable for removal of catalytic fines (CAT Fines) from HFO MDO and fuel oils generally.
Targeting particles in the 5 to 10 micron range it helps reduce wear thus increasing reliability of components such as pistons, piston rings, cylinder liners, injection pumps, nozzles and measurement/control equipment.

Advantages of the BOLL FILTRATOR Type 8.64/8.72

  • Operating costs are reduced
  • Optimum performance of the engines is guaranteed


BOLL Filtrator Type 8.64/8.72 ✓ BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.64/6.72 ✓ Fine filtration of fuels for technically advanced engines ✓ Find out more!
BOLL FILTRATOR Type 8.64/8.72
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