Authorized spare parts reseller in Southeast USA, Central America and the Caribbean Islands

Novi, MI – Responding to the growing demand for liquid filtration systems and spare parts in Southeast USA, Central America and the Caribbean Islands, Boll Filter Corporation is establishing a dedicated sales channel while continuing MSHS’ (formerly Motor Services Hugo Stamp, Inc.) collaboration as an authorized service provider and parts reseller. Investing in a dedicated sales team redefines Boll Filter’s customer experience creating a team focused on industrial and maritime sales aligned with their continued emphasis on service and support. 

For 25 years, MSHS has partnered with BOLL as their Caribbean, Central America, and Southeast USA representative for filtration product sales, service, and support.  As the liquid filtration market grows, BOLL’s investment in the additional Southeast Florida sales teams will provide our customers direct contact to a dedicated filtration solution provider and maximize value to new and existing customers.   

The customer’s experience expands with MSHS continuing BOLL’s service operations as an authorized parts reseller ensuring rapid and reliable customer support from their centrally located service center.  “MSHS is recognized as a trusted partner for service and support,” says  Randall Nunmaker, MSHS Director Sales, Marketing, & Business Development, “As Boll’s authorized service provider and parts reseller, our experienced technicians along with Boll’s sales teams will deliver greater value to our shared customers.”

BOLLFILTER and MSHS share a commitment to provide customers with the service and solutions from experienced teams who are committed to protect client assets and the environment.  “The real winners in this realignment are our customers”, says Michele La Torre, President of  Boll Filter Corp., “new and existing customers will benefit from experienced teams who are focused on our customer’s specific needs”.