BOLLFILTER goes to France

With the currently ongoing registration of the newly founded BOLLFILTER France in the French commercial register, the group family is growing by another wholly owned subsidiary. At the same time, one of the most striking white spots disappears from the BOLLFILTER map: BOLLFILTER goes to France!

The foundation is the last, logical, and consistent step in a development and project that began in summer 2017. At that time, the decision was made to return to the French market two decades after the minority stake in a French trade company was sold. A detailed market analysis, which was continuously developed over two years, quickly showed that the sixth largest economy in the world, as a large and classic industrial nation, would offer BOLL & KIRCH more potential in almost all areas than has been exploited to date. As in many other important regions, the key to unlock this potential is an own subsidiary, which takes care of the sale of the products, that require a lot of technical explanation. Continuous, long-term and holistic success can only be achieved through local presence and customer-oriented on-site sales that are adapted to market conditions.

With the new establishment, BOLL & KIRCH now takes full responsibility for the sales area, which includes mainland France, all French islands and overseas territories as well as the Principality of Monaco. The necessary set-up is created to be able to successfully shape strategic and operational sales in France over the next few years and decades.

A careful location analysis last year showed that the greater Lyon area is best suited for BOLLFILTER France’s sales and business activities. The favorable location including best national and international transport connections and the proximity to historically important customers as well as the general importance as one of the largest industrial locations in France were the crucial factors for the decision. BOLLFILTER France has here found its home in the strategically well-located city of Genas, 20 kilometers east of Lyon.

The last three months of this year will now be needed to set up the necessary local infrastructure and to train the local staff before the company can then act and operate fully as an independent subsidiary from January 2021 onwards.

The strategic investment shows that BOLL & KIRCH continues to work on the long-term success of the company and is ready to break new ground, even in what is currently a very difficult market and company environment.