Condition Monitoring for BOLL FineFilterUnits


BOLL & KIRCH and senseering are working together on the "Condition Monitoring" project. "Condition Monitoring" is about continuously monitoring the operating condition of a BOLL membrane unit and visualizing critical process parameters.

Data is continuously acquired, collected, transmitted, evaluated and compared. For this purpose, physical variables such as temperatures, speeds, pressures or vibrations are measured and the values thus determined are analyzed. The "condition monitoring" helps to better understand the membrane, to notice changes, such as progressive signs of wear on individual components, more quickly and to be able to better coordinate the maintenance of system.

With the process, we aim to increase both the efficiency of the membrane and its safety. The company senseering offers BOLL & KIRCH the IoT platform, as basis to enable machine-to-machine (M2M) communication between intelligent sensors and devices.