Fiddlers Hamlet STW

Bollfilter UK have signed a Service Agreement with Fiddlers Hamlet STW to ensure long life

of the filter units at this site.

Service Agreement at Fiddlers Hamlet STW

Since installation in 2011, the Bollfilter UK service team has periodically visited Thames Water’s Fiddlers Hamlet STW, first to commission and then service the Bollfilter filtration package via contractors and maintenance suppliers. Coordination and timing of these visits proved troublesome and due to the high seasonal loadings on the filter some damage was caused. In 2015 following our achieving UVDB Verify B1 certification, Thames Water were able to place orders for site service work directly with Bollfilter UK, making the process easier and more cost effective for both Thames Water and Bollfilter UK.

In this instance the advantage of onsite face-to-face discussions between equipment specialist and operator highlighted the importance of keeping the final effluent washwater automatic filters clean and in good working condition. The site manager was eager to organise a number of visits throughout the year to ensure the critical assets within the site were well maintained – as a result of this Bollfilter UK were able to offer an advantageous rate for a guaranteed programme of four scheduled visits in 2016. We are confident that this increased frequency of specialist assistance and improved level of communications will ensure the smooth operation of this critical asset.