Girls´ and Boys´ day 2019

Gender equality

This year BOLL & KIRCH once again took part in the nationwide Girls´ and Boys´ day. 12 teenagers visited the site in Kerpen to get to know more about technical professions.

After being greeted by our management, the pupils crafted a metal version of the classic game “Nine-Men’s Morris” under the supervision of our trainees. The game board, as well as the tokens, were cut, drilled and then filed by the pupils. The program was topped off with a tour of the company´s plant, presenting the various career opportunities at BOLL & KIRCH.

BOLL & KIRCH offers apprenticeships for the following professions:

  • Integrated degree program mechanical engineering
  • Integrated degree program industrial engineering
  • Industrial clerk
  • Technical product designer
  • IT specialist in system integration
  • Mechatronics technician
  • Industrial mechanic
  • Metal-cutting mechanic
  • Construction mechanic