Homecoming Reception - BOLLFILTER UK official sponsor

Mark Keating of Whitewater in the Republic of Ireland had a great

"Homecoming Reception" for his first solo charity cycle from Dublin to

Belgrade and back to Dublin, a total of over 6,000km across 12 countries.

Amongst all the great experiences of the trip, was the encounter one evening with a wild boar, wanting to share his tent!
This was all done to raise €60,000 to help the lives of very sick children in Ireland and in the Former Yugoslavia. The final day "…I was the last getting off the ferry, as I looked out the window, it looked dry, so as I cycled out the big doors of the ship I was surprised to be nearly blown back into the ship by the
blasting wind and rain… Welcome to home I thought to myself…" .... after an incredible 4175 miles on his bike!