Kerpen training day – “Jobs on Site” 2019

 Kerpen training day 2019

BOLL & KIRCH once again took the chance to present their program of training and apprenticeships at the Kerpen training day . Two current apprentices were attending “Jobs on Site” 2019, talking to and informing current pupils about the various apprenticeships offered by BOLL & KIRCH as well as the possible internships.

Each interested teenager had the possibility to prove their skills using different tools to completely dis-reassemble a genuine BOLLFILTER, while being rewarded with a little gift.

“Jobs on Site” poses as an excellent possibility to BOLL & KIRCH to catch young peoples’ interest in the various occupational fields offered, as well as getting in contact with young people living in the area.

As always it was an exciting and entertaining time for us, getting to know lots of interesting young people.