Opening ceremony of BOLLFILTER France

Thomas Weismantel, Gerald Koch, Stefan Starke, Robert Jellinggaard at BOLLFILTER France in Lyon

But it already exists since...

Exactly! Since 01/10/2020!

Several COVID waves, their associated lockdowns and striking pilots have successfully prevented an appropriate opening ceremony again and again. But last Thursday the time had finally come: the foundation of BOLLFILTER France could be celebrated!
For the occasion, Stefan Starke made his way to Lyon, where he was already awaited by the members of the advisory board, Thomas Weismantel and Robert Jellinggaard, as well as the young five-member team of BOLLFILTER France and its Managing Director, Gerald Koch. After cutting the BOLL blue opening ribbon, the opportunity was taken to review the first two years of the company's existence and to discuss possible future developments.