Our standard wedge wire filter element profile is a spiral wound format with the base of the triangle

Filter Element Types used in the backflushing filter type 6.18 & 6.19

Our standard wedge wire filter element profile is a spiral wound format, with the base of the triangle (the wires are triangular when viewed in cross section) with the support wires running longitudinally top to bottom. This profile is suitable for most standard application, providing a good balance between cost, strength and clean-ability.

Liquids that contain high levels of fibrous material or when weed or algae are present require a different solution. For these applications we use a longitudinal wedge wire with either round or triangular cross section. The support wire for this profile type is spiral wound on the outside of the tube, leaving a very smooth filter surface that runs in the direction of the filter backflushing flow, resulting in better cleaning – backflushing – of difficult solids.

The main reason LRP elements are not used as standard is they have a higher cost and are not required for all applications.  The LRP element pictured is with stainless steel end caps and a filtration degree of 75 microns, typically as would be used in potable water pre-treatment systems.

For relatively clean liquids, where a “polishing” cleaning effect is required, we offer mesh type filter elements.  Filter mesh is like a fabric and made by weaving strands of stainless steel or plastic to form a cloth that we weld to form a tube, which then fits over a stainless steel support structure. Being made from thin strands of stainless steel or plastic, mesh type elements are not as strong and durable as wedge wire, so tend to only have limited applications.

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