Our website is climate-neutral

A website is climate-neutral when the CO2-emissons caused by it have been calculated and compensated. Because of the use of the Internet CO2-emissions are caused. Mainly because of the energy consumption of servers, data transmission and the devices of the end-users. Based on our monthly page views, ClimatePartner has calculated those CO2 -emissions and compensated it by means of a climate protection project.

With the climate protection project, we support a run-of-river hydropower plant in the Virunga National Park (Congo). In the meantime, 5,000 households and many new small businesses have already been connected to the local power grid. The project lays the foundation for economic development and subsequently for more stability and peace in the region.

Previously, energy was generated from charcoal produced from the trees in Virunga National Park. Without an alternative to charcoal, however, the forest would have been completely deforested in ten years and the last mountain gorillas living there would have lost their habitat.

Further information: www.climatepartner.com/14589-2004-1001