Slough STW

Repair or Replace, that was the question at Slough STW and a full strip down service of the filter units at this site revealed all.

Thames Water, Slough STW – Repair or Replace?

BOLLFILTER UK Limited were informed by Thames Water site staff that a BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18 DN200 protecting the washwater system had been neglected for some time and was in need of an overhaul or if that wasn’t possible to be replaced with a new unit.

After a brief tendering process a purchase order was issued directly to BOLLFILTER UK as the product specialists (UVDB B1 verify audited) and also because our price for the complete overhaul including spare parts and service work was more competitive than others.

Senior Service Engineer Liam Fitzpatrick carried out the work on site, discovering that the filter was blocked. After a manual clean and replacement of some consumable parts it was returned to full working order with none of the previously reported faults.

A detailed service report was provided explaining what had been done, what the site staff should do if the same happens again as well as recommending regular maintenance by a BOLLFILTER engineer in the form of an annual service contract.

Whenever possible BOLLFILTER intend to return an existing filter to working order with our dedicated service team, rather than replace with new. In this instance the site staff were very pleased that BOLLFILTER were able to repair rather than replace.

Site Visit Service Report

While Senior Service Engineer Liam Fitzpatrick carried out a full service of filter type 6.18 DN200. He was informed by site staff that every time the filter was flushing the gear motor kept tripping on its overload. The Filter has since been stripped down and all O-rings and seal have been replaced.

Both top and bottom flushing bushes have been replaced due to them being damaged (photo available on request). Also the bearing bush and the top bearing have been replaced.

The filter elements were completely blocked. These have been cleaned with the on-site pressure washer. Also there were lots of stones in the bottom of the filter housing. It was believed this was causing the gear motor to trip. All stones removed. The Filter is in good working order now and flushing to drain as it should.