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Proposals manager Joe Dow has organised and played in a 5-aside football team since 2012. How is his team is getting on?




Since July 2012 Bollfilter UK Limited Proposals Manager Joe Dow has organised and played in a 5-a-side football team called Über Groovy F.C. that he established with a group of friends. They compete in the Colchester Tuesday Powerplay system and recently won their fourth premiership league crown and fifth league winners trophy in total. In a fiercely competitve league, the team have developed several strong yet sporting rivalries with their fellow, long standing, top league opponents.

With an all time record of 87 wins from 125 games played (win percentage 69.6%) they have made themselves the team to beat, a label desired by any football club and one which has been further underlined in recent months with 3 league wins in the last 4 seasons as well as recording their largest victory of 16-2 earlier this month.

Player-Manager Joe “Joey” Dow leads the way in the clubs’ goal scoring stats table, having scored 129 in the 102 games he has played. Other key members of the squad include Luke “LMB” Morgan-Beale, Chris “Wolfie” Wall, Eddie “The Viking” Kane, Daniel “Danaldo” Booth and Steve “Lil’ Steve” Hart.
The team are well represented on social media with an actively followed and updated Twitter feed, click the link below if you are interested in following the Über Groovy footballing journey.