The Engineers Quarter Q1 - 2014 Down in Qatar

Service Engineers living on board in dry-dock. Bollfilter UK Service Engineers Michael Chadwick & Alex Wood worked on board two of the largest LNG carriers in the world for two weeks whilst they were in dry-dock.


Here is their story …. The LNG carriers were in dry dock in N-KOM yard in Qatar. Each ship had 8 Automatic Filters to service. There were 2 lube oil 6.61 filters down on the bottom plates, 2 hydraulic control oil filters type 6.61 on the floor above, 2 main engine fuel oil filters type 6.60 and 2 auxiliary engine fuel oil filters type 6.60 that were a further storey above.

A typical working day on board the ships would begin with breakfast at 7:30 am. We would attend a progress meeting from 08:00 until 09:30 with the yard, ship staff, and other contractors. Then we would enter the engine room to start our day’s work which would finish at 6pm. The Hydraulic filters are mounted to the side of the main engines with very little access; therefore the floor plates and walkways needed to be removed before we could start working on them. It was a tight squeeze, and hard work in the 35°C engine room. We worked for 1 week per ship, and would begin the week on the lube oil filters and work our way up to the fuel oil filters by the end of the week. Each of the 8 filters were completely stripped down, all parts cleaned and inspected for wear.

The filter elements were cleaned using the on board Boll cleaning trolley, dried and inspected. The filters were then reassembled with new o-rings and seals fitted and greased as appropriate with the cleaned filter elements installed. All control valves overhauled, cleaned, new seals fitted and tested. On completion of each filter they were tested and passed by the second engineer. Our cabin was located outside the accommodation block and down a corridor outside the first ship. This meant that when work began on the second ship we had a bit of a trek to get to work.

Every morning we donned our PPE, disembarked via the gang way & walked what felt like miles to board the ship. This gave us a good early morning workout in the 32°C winter sun. It was not all hard work though as one evening we were lucky to be able to catch the first Moto GP of the year at Qatar Losail circuit. It was a fantastic race with Marc Marquez winning & Valentino Rossi coming in second. After our hard work on the job, we were treated by the superintendent to an all-expenses paid night out with ship’s crew. 26 of us crammed into a Mini Bus and off we went to DOHA City Centre. It was a great night. We all sat down to a Mexican meal and some beers whilst listening to superb live music. A brilliant end to a successful job.