BOLLFILTER Simplex 1.65.1 / 1.53.1 / 1.78.1 / 1.58.1

BOLLFILTER Simplex 1.65.1 / 1.53.1 / 1.78.1 / 1.58.1
Features This welded design underlines the advantages of the weld-free simplex filter type BFB-P and also offers an even wider product range, in particular in terms of connection sizes.
Nominal diameter DN 65 - DN 350
Connections inline upon request (dependent on the filter element)
Filter element cleanable (stainless steel element)
disposable (glass-fibre matting)
Grade of filtration 0,5 µm - 5 mm
Pressure stage PN 10 / PN 40 (higher pressure stages available on request)
Filter housing carbon steel, stainless steel, welded
stainless steel
General Accessories and Special Equipment 1.) Connecting elements
Flexible connection possibilities
e.g., flanged, NPT, weld-on ends, ball valves, needle valves

2.) Instruments
Differential pressure connections such as optical and optical/electrical differential pressure measurement systems

3.) Materials
Filters available on request in Duplex or Super Duplex

4.) Optional equipment
Cover lifting/pivoting mechanism
Cover safety device

Contact person

Jörn Grotepaß
Tel.: +49 2273 562-214