BOLLFILTER Simplex Type 1.12.2

Simplex filter for liquid filtration

The simplex filter Type 1.12.2 is a particle filter for water and oil. For filtration of liquids, it is installed in the suction or pressure lines and, thus, protects the following parts of the system, for example, pumps, bearings, heat exchangers, valves or pipelines against contamination and silting.

Cleaning of the BOLLFILTER Simplex Typ 1.12.2

Pressure loss in the filter indicates the degree of contamination. As an option, an optical or electronic differential pressure indicator can be installed. In contrast to the duplex filters, to clean the sieve element, the system must be switched off or the flow interrupted using shut-off valves. Thereby, the filter chamber is depressurized using the vent screw. Then the housing cover can be removed and the sieve element removed. The removed sieve element is cleaned in a cleaning fluid, e.g. BOLL-CLEAN 2000 and blown out using compressed air.

Features of the BOLLFILTER Simplex Typ 1.12.2 for liquid filtration

Its extremely compact construction, the minimal pressure losses and a low number of components, make the liquid filter particularly robust and make sure that the simplex filter Type 1.12.2 is absolutely maintenance-free, except for checking the seals and cleaning the filter elements. The cover lock can be very easily released and, as requested, protected against unauthorized opening, by additional cover security.

BOLLFILTER Simplex Type 1.12.2
Nominal diameter DN 25 - DN 80
Connections inline yes
Filter element star-pleated element
filter cartridge
Grade of filtration 10 µm - 5 mm
Pressure stage PN 32/40
Filter housing nodular cast iron
stainless steel (DN 25 and DN 50)
Optional equipment - differential pressure indicator optical or electrical
- cover safety device

Contact person

Martin Van Son
Tel.: +49 2273 562-293