Ballast Water Filter BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18.3

Ballast water management system is obligatory on ships

Treatment of the ballast water should prevent further invasive pollution of the coastal installations due to foreign water organisms that threaten the marine ecosystems.

Protection of the ballast water treatment system

Aggressive seawater, tenacious adhering organic particles and mussel growth, inside and outside the ballast-water treatment systems affect their optimum functionality. Through reliable prefiltration, using the BOLLFILTER automatic Type 6.18.3, solid protection for the ballast water system is ensured.

Cost savings through a fully automatic filter

Due to automatic backflushing, perfect regeneration of the filter mesh is ensured. The filter, operating fully automatic, conforms to the regulations of unsupervised operation on ships. A continuous series with different sizes of housing and nominal connection widths, permit adapted dimensioning of the ballast water filter to individual circumstances.

BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18.3: Your advantages at a glance

In the area of conflict between statutory restrictions, extreme technical requirements and high economic pressure, the BOLLFILTER automatic Type 6.18.3 presents the ideal solution for ballast water filtration.

The filter convinces technically and economically through:

  • the precise result of filtration,
  • the high volumes of flow of sea water or ballast water per hour,
  • the optimized effect of flushing,
  • its durability, due to a robust construction and corrosion-resistant equipment,
  • its low space requirement and easy installation,
  • its low maintenance and servicing effort,
  • its economy in procurement and operation.

The sea water filter for ballast water only demands a small installation area, which increases its suitability for use in new constructions and also for retrofitting. Its simple and robust construction makes it extremely maintenance-friendly and durable. The core of the filter is the filter element which, due to the specially developed backflushing device, enables extremely effective and quick cleaning without interrupting the filtration process.

Ballast Water Filter BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18.3
Note Automatic pre-filtration of sea-water, for the protection of ballast water treatment systems
Nominal diameter DN 200 - DN 900
Filter element Cylindrical candles open at both ends; mesh made of super duplex (1.4410)
Grade of filtration optional 30 µm, 40 µm or 50 µm
Backflushing medium internal medium
Pressure stage up to DN 600: PN 10 ; from DN 700: PN 6
Filter housing - up to DN 400: nodular cast iron
- from DN 500: carbon steel
Features Filter candle: cylindrical elements open at both ends with hydrodynamic element
alternately backflushing with two flushing arms

Fine sieve cylinder: slotted backwash device

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