BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.19

The BOLLFILTER automatic Type 6.19 is used for the same application as the BOLLFILTER automatic Type 6.18 but when the system pressure is low. The BOLLFILTER automatic Type 6.19 uniquely includes a connection for external medium backflush to assist by many low pressure applications.
BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.19
Note Version with external medium connection for low operating pressures
Nominal diameter DN 50 - DN 400
Filter element wedge wire, longitudinal wedge wire candle or wire-mesh candle with smooth surface
Grade of filtration 30 µm - 5 mm *
Backflushing medium external medium
Pressure stage PN 10 (higher pressure stages available on request)
Filter housing nodular cast iron
carbon steel
carbon steel rubber lined
stainless steel
special alloys
Features cylindrical elements open at both ends (bipolar functional principle)
* depending on filter size

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