BOLLFILTER Automatic 6.18.2 Heavy Duty

The BOLLFILTER automatic Type 6.18.2 Heavy Duty is excellent for harsh applications. The hydro-dynamic element incorporated into the filter cartridge distributes the backflush energy across the whole filter surface thus the flow velocity is increased resulting in fully optimized backwashing. Moreover, a service interruption for manual cleaning the filter is greatly reduced due to the optimised backflush and effective discharge of the retained contaminants.
BOLLFILTER Automatic 6.18.2 Heavy Duty
Note The filter type 6.18.2 is suitable for difficult operating conditions, e. g. for the filtration of river water, sea water or ballast water.
Nominal diameter DN 200 - DN 1000
Filter element wedge wire candle with smooth surface and hydrodynamic element
Grade of filtration 30 µm - 5mm *
Backflushing medium internal medium
Pressure stage PN 6 / PN 10 (higher pressure stages available on request)
Filter housing carbon steel
carbon steel rubber lined
stainless steel
special alloys
Features cylindrical elements open at both ends with hydrodynamic element – alternately backflushing with second flushing arm
* depending on filter size

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