HVAC: Proteção do permutador de calor e da bomba

Protection of HVAC system heat exchangers, refrigerating machines and heat pumps

Solids in cooling water can damage equipment such as heat exchangers, refrigerating machines or heat pumps. Adequate filtration reduces the normal wear on the HVAC system.

Maximum efficiency of heat transfer

Without reliable filtration, the contaminants would circulate through the system and settle on the heat transfer surfaces of the heat exchangers, reducing heat transfer efficiency and increasing pressure losses.

Minimum consumption of energy and water

Inefficient heat transfer results in an increased pressure drop and more cooling water being pumped in to enable the same cooling effect. Contamination thus leads to increased consumption of energy and water.

BOLLFILTER Filtration solutions for HVAC systems

BOLLFILTERS offer effective, automatic, self-cleaning filtration to meet the requirements of your HVAC system. aquaBoll provides the flexibility of choosing among filter candles, sieve cylinders and fine sieve cylinders according to the required filtration efficiency and degree of water contamination.

BOLLFILTERS improve the efficiency of cooling and heating systems, reduce the overall maintenance cost, and help extend the service life of the HVAC system.


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