Sewage Treatment

Pump and Spray nozzle protection at Beckton sewage treatment works London

To enable pump and spray nozzle protection at Thames Water Beckton sewage treatment plant, automatic filtration ensures the washwater nozzles at the plant keep the screens and brushes sludge free.

Pump and Spray nozzle protection at Beckton sewage treatment works London

Technical Specifications

Sub Application Washwater booster pump protection

2 x BOLLFILTER Automatics Type 6.19 DN200

Flow rate 216 m3/h
Filtration level 1mm
Contractor Laing O’Rourke
Client Thames Water

Beckton Thames Water

WASHWATER BOOSTER PUMP PROTECTION at UK’s largest sewage treatment works Thames Water’s sewage treatment works in Beckton, East London. It's the biggest in the UK and one of the largest in Europe, serving 3.4  million people throughout London.

The Works, which is undergoing a major expansion programme, features the latest sludge treatment technology. This includes a sludge powered generator for energy efficient waste disposal.

The sewage treatment process features eight large screens that can operate continually to remove screenings from the sewage. Following primary and secondary treatment, washwater is fed into the screens via a series of nozzles to wash the sludge off and clean the screens and brushes. In order to offer pump and spray nozzle protection to prevent the washwater nozzles from blocking and disrupting the screenings separation process, a BOLLFILTER automatic filtration system has been installed in the Beckton Screen House. The system which comprises two Self-Cleaning BOLLFILTERs Automatic Type 6.19 and CCD pumps is mounted on one skid for ease of installation.

The Bollfilter Automatics, Type 6.19, operate under low pressure conditions. They are fitted to the washwater inlet feed prior to the pumps, with the added benefit of protecting these pumps from possible particulate damage.

A small amount of the pressurised washwater is fed back into the filters for efficient cleaning without the need for separate backflush pumps, creating a low energy, space efficient filter/pump solution.

The Beckton filter skid is the second similar installation fitted by Laing O’Rourke for Thames Water. Kevin Woolley, Laing  O’Rourke’s Construction Manager explains the choice of the BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.19 low pressure  system.

“We have found Boll Filters to be  very good.  We installed a similar installation at the Thames Water’s Deephams STW, following problems with two previous filter  systems. The BOLLFILTERs have worked well ever since.” Download printable Case Study.

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