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Diesel Engine Protection

Bollfilter UK made themselves Diesel engine protection service partners of the biggest cruise ship operator in the world namely Carnival. Ten Vessels are involved: Adonia  |  Azura  |  Queen Elizabeth  |  Ventura  |  Arcadia | Oceana  |  Queen Mary 2  |  Aurora  |  Oriana  |  Queen Victoria.

Diesel Engine Protection

Technical Specifications

Sub Application Diesel Engine Protection
M.E.F.O Auto Backflushing Filter BOLLFILTER Type 6.60 & 6.61
G.E.F.O Auto Backflushing Filter BOLLFILTER Type 6.61 & .07
M.E.L.O Auto Backflushing Filter BOLLFILTER Type 6.61 & 6.64 & 6.46
Control Oil Backflushing Filter BOLLFILTER Type 6.62
Client Carnival UK

Carnival MELO Filtration Service Contract

What does this mean for Carnival UK?

•   Reduced risk of engine failure
•   Long term reliability & peace of mind, less stress
•   Additional specialised manpower & ongoing staff training while onboard
•   Optimum Filtration Performance - less waste fuel oil when back flushing
•   Very little procurement time required
•   Lower long term maintenance costs, when serviced annually

How Bollfilter UK won the Service Contract

Michael Chadwick the Service Manager of Bollfilter UK met with Craig Sturgess the Assistant Superintendant at Carnival UK to share the original “Service Plan” data after Michael ran his extensive “Filter servicing requirements analysis” for Carnival based on yearly servicing costs.

After presenting the raw data of the potential Diesel engine protection servicing cost-savings to Craig Sturgess, further discussions were joined by: Fraser Ahern Senior Technical Buyer and Rob Ross the Senior Superintendant. There was a general consensus that Michael Chadwick’s Bollfilter cost saving plans were advantageous to Carnival in the longer term.

Colin Black, recognises the importance of developing long-term relationships with suppliers to obtain spares quickly and efficiently. “It is vital that we maintain all the engine room equipment to the highest standards in order to prevent any risk of engine damage or failure. To that effect, we make sure that we only fit genuine Boll & Kirch spare parts and work closely with Bollfilter UK to plan our Diesel engine protection servicing and training programme.”

In addition to the annual service visit, when the ships are based in Southampton, Michael Chadwick, (Bollfilter UK Service Manager), is providing complimentary training to onboard staff in servicing and maintaining the filter systems.

Bollfilter UK has worked with Carnival for over 20 years, supplying spares and service support for the many Boll & Kirch filters on board their ships. The vessels are fitted with a range of automatic filters as well as numerous simplex and duplex manual filter systems to provide filtration protection for the main engine lube oil & fuel oil generators. Tailor-made MELO Filtration service contract to suit you!

All vessels will be fully serviced once every year. During the MELO Filtration service contract period, all Boll & Kirch filtration systems will be serviced to the very highest degree by our highly trained and experienced service engineers. Total peace of mind at an agreed lump sum cost, with ongoing support & assistance from the Diesel engine protection filtration specialist.

The vessel’s staff operating the machinery must be available during the visits to obtain an introduction on new technical developments and to be additionally trained. Each precise date for a supervised visit will be fixed approximately 4 weeks prior to scheduled attendance, or to be arranged to suit both parties.

Works to be planned & completed during each supervised visit

•   Customer & contractor + their deputies to form “Servicing Contact Group”
•   Lead point of contact: Michael Chadwick for all technical support
•   Maintenance manuals to be supplied if required or necessary
•   All gaskets & seals renewed
•   Inspection & overhaul of back flush assembly & air assembly valves
•   Inspection & cleaning of internal surfaces & filter elements
•   Changeover cock removed, inspected and rebuilt
•   Inspection of control panel wiring & test all alarms to ECR
•   Testing of gear motors, actuators & differential pressure indicators
•   Staff training
•   Detailed service report & recommended replacement of wearing parts

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