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Christ Kennicott has been at the forefront of ion exchange technology for over 100 years, manufacturing ion exchange systems that produce quality drinking and process water for installations worldwide.

A nitrate removal plant incorporates vessels with ion exchange resin to remove nitrates from raw water. It is vital that any particulates, such as sand or grit, in the water are removed to prevent damage to the sensitive resin beads and stop the risk of blockages.


Technical Specifications

Sub Application Nitrate Reduction Plant (ion exchange)
System 1 x BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18 DN 400
Standby 1 x BOLLFILTER Manual Type 1.03.2
Flow Rate Tba
Filtration Level 50 microns.
Client Severn Trent Water
Main Contractor Christ Kennicott Water Technology Ltd

Nitrate Removal Plant ion exchange Far Baulker

Nitrates can seep into the water table through the use of agricultural fertilisers and Christ Kennicott Water Technology is supplying a series of nitrate removal systems to Severn Trent Water for un-manned borehole water treatment plants.The skid-mounted systems incorporate BOLLFILTERs to provide particulate removal (down to 50 microns).

Each skid is fitted with a Self-Cleaning BOLLFILTER Automatic plus a standby manual filter linked to a remote alarm. The BOLLFILTERAutomatic, which is set to backflush on a regular basis or if the system pressure drops, prevents potential blockages in the Christ Kennicott equipment. Glyn  Davies,  Project  Engineer  with  CKWT,  explains  the  importance of the filtration system. “With the drive towards unmanning through the water industry, it is vital that our systems feature a reliable, BOLLFILTER Automatic system to prevent blockages. BOLLFILTERs proved to be a cost-effective solution for Christ Kennicott.”

Christ Kennicott Water Technology Ltd in collaboration with BOLLFILTER UK were contracted by Severn Trent Water to install a nitrate removal plant with a skid mounted filtration system. This comprised of a BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18 DN400, with a filtration level of 50 microns. The backup or standby filter is a manual Simplex strainer a Type 1.03.2 BOLLFILTER filtration unit. This was for installation at Severn Trent Water’s Far Baulker site. A Typical Christ Kennicott Nitrate Removal plant set up as shown in the photographs. Download printable Case Study.

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