Filtration of cooling water and sealing water in the power plant industry

BOLLFILTER Automatic filters remove potentially damaging particulates from the raw river water and protect the generator and turbine of power generation plants. The automatic filters operates continually with a pre-set back-flushing programme to ensure efficient filtration without the need for regular cleaning or maintenance. 

Reference in hydro electric turbine protection 

Glendoe Hydro Power Scheme in Scotland trusts BOLLFILTER for the protection of the hydro electric turbine.

The scheme features a reservoir formed by a 905m long dam on the River Tarff, an underground cavern housing the power station and an extensive network of tunnels. The tunnels channel water from the reservoir to the ‘Powerhouse’ and then into Loch Ness. The Powerhouse cavern contains the turbine, which is turned by the force of water flowing through the tunnels, and generator. 

In order to protect the hydro electric turbine a BOLLFILTER Automatic filter Type 6.18 has been installed to remove potentially damaging particulates from the raw river water and ensures efficient filtration without any need of regular cleaning or maintenance.


BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18
BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.04
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