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Environmental management

Our environmental policy:

1. Obligation to protect our environment!

2. Strive for improvement!

3. Openly inform!

4. Prevention of damage to the environment and reduction of waste!

5. Protection of the environment concerns everybody!

Obligation to protect our environment

The preservation of our natural environment and the basis of life for future generations, the safety of the workplace as well as the continuous improvement of work conditions in the work areas of the company, are of special concern to the management. Therefore, they have committed to implementing and upholding an environmental management system, that fulfils the requirements of the internationally applicable environmental standard ISO 14001.

Strive for improvement

With the definition of environmentally-related goals and the establishment of an environmental management program, the management is committing to a continuous improvement of the environmental situation.

Openly inform

All company employees have been informed of the goals of the environmental management system and the environmental policy put into practice. The Boll & Kirch Filterbau GmbH environmental policy can be made available to all interested members of the public upon request.

Prevention of damage to the environment and waste

The management and all employees commit to preventing any conceivable damage to the environment that is unnecessary. The resources available should be used optimally: the waste of energy, water and raw materials should be avoided. Waste products from the work should be reused correctly and sustainably or should be disposed in an environmentally friendly way.

Protection of the environment concerns everybody

You can no longer impress with beautiful words, what counts are the actions and results that each individual leaves behind. The protection of the environment is an opportunity for all of us.