Research & development

Our Possibilities

  • Software for pressure vessel construction, e.g. AD, ASME
  • 3D-CAD
  • Multi-focus stereo microscopy, e.g. for researching filter media
  • Gravimetric determination of amount of dirt with precision scales
  • Online particle count for oil and water
  • Mobile screw spindle pump 8 bar / 16 m³/h with FI
  • Flow simulation (CFD) with commercial and open source software

    CFD, Computational Fluid Dynamics

    • Calculation of stationary flow conditions for determining pressure losses and for optimising the technical flow of filter housings
    • Calculation of transient flow behaviour for optimising e.g. back flushing processes and for investigating damage due to pressure variations
    • Particle simulations for optimising filter media, cyclones and filter housings

  • Structure analysis (FEM)

    FEM, Finite-Element Method

    • Calculation of component deformations taking non-linear component and material behaviour into account
    • Optimisation of component and material behaviour
    • Determination of natural frequencies (modal analysis)
    • Determination of force-deformation characteristics
    • Contact analysis
    • Tests and optimisation of prototypes
    • Heat transfer and thermal expansion calculation

Our Test Facilities

Analysis with the help of various test facilities

  • Oil testing facility for oil volume 14 m³, with a maximum through-flow of 400 m³/h, Mobilgard 312, tempered at 60 ºC, normalised contamination with ISO test dust, pressure range 0-16 bar, online measurement of pressure, volume flow, particle distribution, etc.
  • Water testing facility for water volume 4 m³, maximum through-flow 130 m³/h, pressure range 0-6 bar, defined contamination, online pressure measurement, volume flow, particle distribution, etc.
  • Continuous load testing facility for filter elements
  • Gas filter testing facility, determination of aerosol separation particle sizes, pressure losses, separation efficiency, measurements under pressure up to 6 bar
  • Multi Pass testing facility according to ISO 16889
  • Bubble Point testing facility according to ISO 2942
  • Diaphragm testing facility
  • Seawater tests at the testing facilities of various institutes

Filter Selection Program

Gas Selection Program

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