aquaBoll® water automatic filter

aquaBoll® water automatic filter

Flange Connection DN 50 to DN 500
Filter element Fine sieve cylinder element, Filter candle element, Sieve cylinder element
Grade of filtration 10 µm - 5 mm
Backflushing medium internal medium
Pressure stage PN 10, PN 16
Filter housing Nodular cast iron, Carbon steel rubber lined
Features Adaptive filter elements:

Depending on the required filtration efficiency and degree of contamination of the water or sea water, you are flexibel to chose between filter candles, sieve cylinders or fine sieve cylinders

BOLLFILTER aquaBoll® Automatic Self-Cleaning Water Filter

The aquaBoll® automatic filter series significantly increases the overall plant efficiency of your specific application through optimized functionality and novel adaptability.

Challenges in water filtration

The challenges of flexibility, efficiency and adaptability are solved through a failsafe platform concept. The individuality and performance of the aquaBoll® filter is based on a novel platform concept, which is realized by a multi-part housing with wide adaptive possibilities – and all that in the smallest space. Filter elements and variable connection-flange positions are essential components for optimal adaptation of the automatic filter for your specific filtration requirements.

BOLLFILTER aquaBoll® in your specific application

The aquaBoll® automatic filter is especially capable of handling demanding situations and the toughest conditions. Complex filtration processes can be mastered in every application by the special properties and functions. The standardized multiple platform concept ensures low acquisition costs and high flexibility. The compact design allows easy access to all relevant components. Thus, commissioning and maintenance expenses are reduced considerably. Service speeds are significantly improved due to easy access and increased availability of standardized components. The combination of innovative design, high-quality components and a long service life allows for a cross-sectoral approach. This leads to a sustainable increase in water quality. The aquaBoll® is thus able to meet the requirements of a wide range of industries with unprecedented efficiency.

Various application areas of the BOLLFILTER aquaBoll®


  • HVAC
  • Power Plant - Hydro Power Plant
  • Power Plant - Offshore Windparks
  • Power Plant - Steam Turbine
  • Irrigation
  • Marine Filtration - Ballast Water
  • Maritime Filtration - Exhaust Scrubber
  • Maritime Fltration - FSRU
  • Maritime Filtration - Injection Water
  • Maritime Filtration - Reverse Osmosis
  • Maritime Filtration - Wellboats
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Snow Production
  • Steel Making - Continuous Casting
  • Steel Making - Rolling Mill
  • Water Treatment - Potable Water

BOLLFILTER aquaBoll® Automatic Self-Cleaning Water Filter: Your advantages at a glance


The filter convinces technically and economically through:

  • Individual platform concept
  • Minimal operating costs
  • Adaptive filtration configurations
  • Multi-part housing construction
  • Various interior and exterior coatings
  • Flexible positioning of connection flanges
  • High flow rates in minimum installation space


Individual platform concept ✓ Minimal operating costs ✓ Adaptive filtration configurations ✓ Multi-part housing construction ✓ Various housing materials ▶ Find out more!
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