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Learning partnership between BOLL & KIRCH and the European secondary school from Kerpen

On June 07, 2017, the ceremonial signing of the learning partnership between the company Boll & Kirch Filterbau GmbH and the European secondary school from Kerpen took place.

Assigned by the “Cooperation Network for Local Companies and Schools”, the learning partnership was sealed by Mr Lorenz, BOLL & KIRCH´s Training Manager, and Mr Schützenhoff. 

After the speeches given by Mrs Strucken (Headmaster), Mr Ripp (Deputy District Administrator) and Mr Kreisel (Managing Director from Boll & KIRCH), it became apparent that in this day and age, practical professional orientation is more important than ever and how much school and businesses can benefit from a cooperation. By means of practical experience in a company like BOLL & KIRCH, interests and talents can be discovered and supported at an early stage. 

Finally, the learning partnership was signed and the cooperation certificates handed over.

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