BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18.3

The treatment of ballast water is not easy, as aggressive seawater, stubborn organic particles that stick and shellfish growth on and inside the corresponding filter systems can affect their functionality. With the BWT filters from BOLL & KIRCH, such problems do not exist: On the basis of its leading filter technology, BOLL & KIRCH has developed a filter for ballast water that has already been proven. The ballast water is pre-filtered reliably with the BOLLFILTER Automatic type 6.18.3.
BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.18.3
Note Automatic pre-filtration of sea-water, for the protection of ballast water treatment systems
Nominal diameter DN 200 - DN 900
Filter element Cylindrical candles open at both ends; mesh made of super duplex (1.4410)
Grade of filtration optional 30 µm, 40 µm or 50 µm
Backflushing medium internal medium
Pressure stage up to DN 600: PN 10 ; from DN 700: PN 6
Filter housing - up to DN 400: nodular cast iron
- from DN 500: carbon steel
Features cylindrical elements open at both ends with hydrodynamic element – alternately backflushing with two flushing arms

fine sieve cyinder: slotted backwash device

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