Carnival Service Contracts 2015 – 2018

Carnival and Bollfilter UK

Marine & Power - Shipping Companies

Responsible for onboard maintenance? Bollfilter is the ONLY official UK Sales, Service & Technical Support office for Boll & Kirch Filterbau GmbH.

At Bollfilter UK, we offer customers with Boll & Kirch filtration systems comprehensive service support to ensure optimum performance over time and prevent avoidable wear that could lead to component failure and major damage.

For an example of "good practice maintenance" please take a look at the Carnival Case Study.

If you are interested in a Filtration Service that prevents equipment failure in your engine room and gives you security and peace of mind, contact Michael Chadwick on his direct line 01621 862183.

The Service Includes:

  • Extended warranty for filters serviced annually.
  • New gaskets & seals replaced annually.
  • Inspection & cleaning of internal surfaces & filter elements.
  • Inspection of control panel & wiring.
  • Testing of all other gear motors, actuators & differential pressure switch for automatic self cleaning.
  • Training, to provide correct maintenance procedures for ships' staff.
  • Recommended replacement spare parts after service.

For more information about our Offshore ServiceTeam, contact us via e-mail: Contact: Michael Chadwick call him direct on 01621 862183. A Bollfilter service visit offers excellent value, including overhaul and inspection of each filter, offering considerable benefits:

  • Long term reliability.
  • Reduced risk of engine failure.
  • Trouble free filtration.
  • Guaranteed protection.
  • Reduced long term cost (if filter fails without maintenance)
  • Additional technical advice.

Some more information to read:         
Video of Bollfilter 6.64 Automatic
The Boll 5.04 Cleaning Trolley
The Boll 5.05 Cleaning Unit
For more details please contact the Bollfilter UK Service Team on either 01206 589622 or email:

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