Bottle washing machine

KRONES AG in Flensburg


The company KRONES was looking for a solution to efficiently reduce  the contamination level in the main caustic and thereby protect subsequent parts, such as spraying nozzles of the cleanin g caustic, from blocking by dirt and suspended matter particles.

Description of the solution:

The BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.64_K consists of a compact housing with several filter chambers and is installed in the caustic cycle of the bottle washing machine. Each filter chamber is equipped with multiple precision filter candles that are differential pressure resistant and offer a large filtration surface and a high free cross section. During the complete filtration process, there is always one isolated clean filter chamber ready for use.  When a certain contamination level is reached, this chamber takes over the function of the blocked chamber. During the backflushing process the blocked filter chamber is taken out of the filtration process and being backflushed.

Advantages and added value for the customer:

The contamination level in the caustic was substantially reduced. 
In the main caustic the sedimented volume could be reduced by 44% (average of 1.33 [ml/l] to 0.75 [ml/l]) and in the post caustic by 69% (average of 1.33 [ml/l] to 0.54 [ml/l]). Therefore, the service life of the caustic can be significantly prolonged. Further considerable savings result from lower demand for heating of the caustic and less need for chemicals. In addition, the costs for maintenance and service are significantly reduced, as functional impairment of the cleaning systems by dirt particles is prevented. Moreover, the hygiene inside the caustic tank is enhanced due to evident reduction of dirt deposits on the inner walls.

Sistema en uso
  • BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.64_K