Filtration for Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

BOLL & KIRCH, as an experienced technology specialist, offers tailored solutions for Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) also known as “scrubbers” suited to remove large volumes of contaminants and particulate matter. Safe and reliable compliance of the treated water with the IMO MEPC.259(68) discharge criteria is mandatory for our fine filtration solutions.

Protection of exhaust gas scrubber nozzles in open loop operation

Seawater is sprayed into the gas scrubber by means of nozzles and entering into a chemical reaction with the sulphur dioxide contained in the gas, thereby neutralizing it. This seawater is supplied directly from the ocean and permanent nozzle protection is required to continue the exhaust gas cleaning process.

To this end, aquaBoll® efficiently removes organic and inorganic particles from the open loop intake while also ensuring fully automated filtration of the washwater generated during this process.

Your Benefits
  • Best possible nozzle protection for scrubbers
  • Guaranteed protection for water treatment scrubbers
  • BOLLFILTER Automatics are installed in a wide range of Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems made by various manufacturers in order to maintain complex systems and ensure proper functioning thereof.

Fine filtration solutions for closed loop systems

The BOLL FineFilterUnit is a complete water treatment system based on advanced membrane technology. The BOLL FineFilterUnit cleans the scrubber washwater and optionally, the make-up filter ensures the efficient protection of the EGCS.
Closed loop systems need constant replenishment of water. Over time, the particle concentration in the washwater will increase, the washwater in the exhaust gas cleaning system has to be partially purged. At the same time some water evaporates while cooling down the exhaust gas. Thus, additional technical water is added to the closed loop system before being filtered. This is usually done with technical respectively fresh water or with seawater.
Using seawater for make-up, the aquaBoll® efficiently removes organic and inorganic particles from the water by ensuring fully automated filtration and thus protection of the EGCS.

Your Benefits
  • 100 % compliance with the IMO regulation for treated washwater discharge
  • No use of chemicals during the treatment process
  • Small footprint enabling easy retrofit
  • Outstandingly long lifetime of the membrane due to efficient protection
  • Low maintenance due to automated systems
  • Modular design
Marine Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems / scrubbers
Filtration solutions for Marine Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems
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