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Filtration solutions for the production and the use of green hydrogen

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Tailor-made and sustainable filtration solutions worldwide

As a globally operating company, BOLL & KIRCH is the specialist for the filtration of liquids and gases. For more than 70 years, we have been manufacturing customized and sustainable industrial filters for our customers worldwide, certified according to DIN ISO 9001 + ISO 14001 + ISO 45001 and recognized by the most important classification societies. 

The areas of application of BOLLFILTERs are diverse and cover a wide range of industries. We provide our customers with customized and efficient filtration solutions that meet the highest quality and environmental standards. With our own Research and Development department, we optimize filter applications in close cooperation with our customers and secure our technology leadership through patents and utility models.

In their areas of application, BOLLFILTERs make a decisive contribution to the sustainable improvement of our living conditions by conserving natural resources, minimizing the impact on the environment and using valuable materials as efficiently as possible.


Protection of the primary HTF and secondary working fluid circuit as well as the cooling water circuit.

  • Protection of pumps, piping, valves, evaporators, pre-heaters and condensers
  • Prevention of blockage of the thermosolar system
  • Minimisation of maintenance requirements
Geothermal energy

Protection of the primary thermal water circuit, secondary working fluid circuit and cooling water circuit.

  • Protection of pumps, pipelines, valves, evaporators, preheaters and condensers
  • Prevention of blockage of the geothermal system   
  • Minimisation of maintenance requirements

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Filtration of cooling and sealing water to protect generators and turbines

The aquaBoll® automatic filter removes potentially harmful particles from untreated river water and protects generators and turbines of power generation plants. The fully automatic filter operates continuously with a preset backwash programme and provides effective filtration without regular cleaning or maintenance.

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Wind Power

Filtration of seawater to protect the transformer cooling system

  • Automatic filter operation without the need for human intervention
  • Maximised heat exchanger cooling capacity
  • Minimised cooling plant downtime
  • Reduced cooling plant maintenance requirements
  • Full remote maintenance and monitoring possible
  • The automatic filter offers excellent resistance to seawater
  • Maritime classification society certification available

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Filtration of the feed water with the BOLLFILTER Simplex to protect the electrolyser

  • Large filter areas
  • Long service life
  • Low pressure losses
  • Exactly defined filter finenesses
  • Long service life
  • Easy handling
  • Low space requirement

Filtration of cooling water with the BOLLFILTER Automatic aquaBoll® to protect the heat exchanger

  • Fully automatic and fail-safe backwash technology
  • High flow rates with small installation space
  • Variable connection flange positions
  • High-quality components
  • Long service life
  • Minimal operating costs
  • Low commissioning and maintenance costs

Feed water filter BOLLFILTER Simplex

Cooling water filter BOLLFILTER Automatic aquaBoll®

from left to right

Lubricating oil and seal gas filtration to protect the bearings and prevent damage to the sealing surfaces.

  • Production and testing according to the most demanding standards and guidelines (e.g. ASME, AD 2000, EAC, DOSH, PED, API 614, API 692, NACE)
  • Extensive in-house testing facilities for the continuous further development of our products
  • In-house production and development of filter elements
  • Guarantee of reliable operation and high availability of the entire system
  • Optimum safety for operating personnel through production in accordance with the demanding EHS/UGS regulations

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Cooling water filtration to protect the heat exchangers

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Protective filtration for gas engines, turbines, compressors and hydrogen filling stations

The requirements for the filtration of green hydrogen as a gas or in liquid state, as well as of e-fuels synthesised from green hydrogen, are extremely demanding. High pressures, low temperatures and sometimes hazardous properties (e.g. in the case of ammonia) of these media require comprehensive knowledge of these operating conditions, coupled with experience in the protection of combustion engines, turbines and compressors. 

  • Protection of injection systems, moving parts and sealing systems
  • Suitable materials for high pressures and low temperatures
  • Corrosion and embrittlement resistant materials
  • Specialised sealing materials and concepts
  • Experience in the filtration of hydrogen, methane, mathanol and ammonia

Green hydrogen is the key to climate neutrality. It is produced by electrolysis using electricity from renewable sources and is climate neutral. Green hydrogen opens up the possibility for industry and heavy-duty transport to become CO2-free.

The production of green hydrogen ("Power to H2") is the key discipline of all "Power to X" technologies. BOLL & KIRCH is a leader in all filtration solutions of the complete value chain - from renewable energy production to the use of green hydrogen.

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Why choose BOLLFILTER? 

Efficient and sustainable filtration solutions 

From standardized products to custom-tailored solutions
Maximum availability of spare parts
24-hour service hotline

A selection of our references

Preview Image: KRONES AG


The company KRONES found in BOLLFILTER a filtration solution to efficiently reduce  the contamination level in the bottle washing machine main caustic bath.

Preview Image: SunRui

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SunRui relies on BOLLFILTER for the protection of the Balclor® Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) on MV “STELLA IVY

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