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Bottle washing machines: Filtration of caustic solution

Glass and PET bottles have been widely used in the beverage industry for many years. Breweries, mineral springs, producers of soft drinks or bottlers who employ deposit systems use bottle washing systems to clean glass or PET bottles.

Depending on the type of bottle washing machine (one or two-ended version), the bottles are first immersed in one or more caustic baths. The inside of the bottles is then cleaned using spray nozzles. The outside of the bottles is rinsed with surge devices. 

Filtration of primary or secondary caustic solutions

Paper fibers, adhesives and varnishes cause most of the problems in caustic soda. To solve this problem, the BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.64 BWM or BOLL FineFilterUnit is used in the filtration of the secondary flow to continuously filter the caustic solution. Continuous caustic filtration effectively removes the dirt load and replaces the conventional and sometimes ineffective sedimentation.

BOLLFILTER as particle filter and component protection

The BOLLFILTER Automatik Type 6.64 protects the components such as the heat exchanger against loss of performance and waste of resources. The particle filter also increases the cleaning quality of the bottles and prevents the spray bars from clogging.

The aim is to remove impurifications from the caustic solution at an early stage to ensure that as little residue as possible reaches the subsequent caustic baths or post-treatment areas via carry-over in the bottle washer by the bottle or the transport system.

Further protection for components and reduction of contaminats in the post treatment zones assures the BOLLFILTER type aquaBoll® which can be installed for example in front of a regenerative energy heat exchanger or in front of spray nozzles for post caustic and water treatment zones. 

Benefits of your particle filter:

  • Less machine stops
  • Improvement of the general machine condition
  • No deposits in flow-free areas
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Increased service life of the cleaning lye

BOLLFILTER membrane systems to reduce microparticles 

The BOLL FineFilterUnit membrane system continuously separates all particles in the micrometre range (µm) and beyond down to the nanometre range (nm) through its filtration performance and thus feeds a microparticle-free and turbidity-free filtrate to the bottle cleaning solution. 

The use of a BOLLFILTER membrane filtration system is an additional and advanced measure for reducing the dirt load in the cleaning solution by means of fine filtration. This efficiently reduces the carry-over of microparticles into the post-treatment zones of the bottle washing machine and has a positive effect on the result of the cleaned bottles.

Benefits of your membrane system:

  • Increased service life of the caustic solution - reliable removal of impurifications
  • Significant reduction in overall impurification
  • Hygienically better condition of the bottle washing machine
  •  Reduction of the carry-over of microparticles / microplastics into the post-treatment zones 
  • Increase in cleaning quality due to more effective caustic 
  • Higher flexibility due to more production time - no sedimentation required
  • Overall no increased concentrate or additive consumption realistic
ABInBev China
ABInBev »

The BOLLFILTER filtration of caustic soda solution of bottle washing machines at ABInBEV China has doubled the caustic liquid’s working life and increased the cleaning results.

Fine Filtration for Bottle Washing Caustic
Adelholzener Alpenquellen »

To ensure the highest quality in products in combination with reliable production efficiency the customer decided for a caustic fine filtration system from BOLL&KIRCH

BOLLFILTER used on a bottle washer
Brewery Störtebeker »

The brewery Störtebeker trusts BOLLFILTER and operates one automatic filter Type 6.64 for the main caustic filtration on bottle washer.

The customer operates the bottle washer very efficiently, with minimal maintenance and no unforeseen breakdowns.

BOLLFILTER in use at the Dargun Brewery
Dargun Brewery »

The use of the BOLLFILTER for filtering the main caustic solution helps to reduce the contamination level in the bottle washing machine.

KRONES bottle washing machine equipped with BOLLFILTER

The company KRONES found in BOLLFILTER a filtration solution to efficiently reduce  the contamination level in the bottle washing machine main caustic bath.

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