Multimantle filter element

BOLLFILTER's multi-mantle filter element insert is a filter element designed to effectively remove solids from filter media. Thanks to their robust design and precise filter technology, they offer a reliable solution for various industrial applications. The BOLL & KIRCH filter cartridge can be used with both single and double filters. As an essential part of the BOLLFILTER system, they help to ensure the operational reliability of your systems and extend the service life of your equipment.

The multi-mantle filter element consists of several cylindrical screen jackets. These provide a large filter surface with a small footprint and allow the use of fine-mesh screen cloth. Filtration takes place from the outside to the inside, allowing you to filter out solid particles with a filtration fineness of 2 mm to 10 µm. A stainless steel wire mesh is used as the filter medium.

Use of the original mesh filter insert

Please note that we can only guarantee that the filters will function as they did before replacement if the original filter elements, such as the BOLLFILTER filter cartridge, are used. We therefore recommend the use of original replacement elements.



Technical data

Simplex filter types1.03.2, 1.65.1/1.53.1
Duplex filter types2.05.5
Automatic filter types
Filtration grades from/to10 µm - 2 mm
Filter mediastainless steel wire mesh
Magnetic insertoptional
Flow direction► [  ] ◄
Cleaning / replacementmanual cleaning